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Age of assistance

People nowadays are connected to the rest of the world through their mobile phones 24/7. Whether we like it or not, this will not change. How do we keep customers interested? The floriculture industry still has a whole world to conquer.

Nowadays consumers behave differently. Especially the way they seek information and do their shopping is changing. Google calls this the ‘Age of Assistance’: smartphone users demand a more personal and relevant experience. They do not want ordinary advertisements or general sales talks but tailored solutions that suit them.

Many companies have a mobile app in addition their website. Web shops must contain functions that enlarge the user-friendliness. The FleuraMetz App for example, allows you to shop from categorised products, such as Customized: tailored to requirement, mixed colours or special packaging.

In 2017, Google conducted a research in Canada. Turns out that over 20% of the smartphone users, use their voice for their search commands instead of typing them. 70% also wants to get things done by voice control instead of touch or typing. 73% would like to have a digital assistance to help them get through their daily tasks.

Voice control and mobile devices are an interesting combination and demands businesses, florists and garden centres to look at their online findability. What you type in is quite different to what you call out. How would you like your company to be found? We must better our understanding of customers’ behaviour. 

The way florists, garden centres and wholesale companies should apply voice technology varies. However, it is clear that mobile phones are here to stay. Consumers worldwide will only use this device more often and expect more support. Whether they want to know the best way to get to a physical location or that the web shop is a better solution: it is key to know how your target group seeks information and how it wants to be supported, so that all the solutions your company offers will be found by them.

Interested? Read more on pages 22-23 in the FleuraMetz Magazine..

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