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DIY | Lilies in Surprising Creation

It is always a safe option to use lilies in bridal or funeral floral arrangements, but the creative florist knows how to use them differently. This DIY option is certainly colourful, bold and a bit alternative. Lilies make us think outside the box. What do you think?

You might be familiar with them: old vases that are slow-selling, cannot be used, but it would be a shame to throw them away. Why not reinvigorate these ‘shelfwarmers’? Designer Marloes Joore wraps them with cling film and sprays them with paint in striking colours (Orange PeelRegal PurpleCoppertone). Using masking tape is also an option if you do not have cling film.

Marloes´ Tip: position the film or tape at different levels, so the vases will all be different with a playful effect as a result. 

New trends develop on the streets. That is also where this idea of the old bicycle wheel started. Once you use a cord to hang the bicycle wheel from the ceiling, you can easily fit the coloured asparagus fern to the wheel. Would you like to enjoy the asparagus fern longer than usual? You can spray them with glue spray before hanging, so the needles will remain much longer.
Marloes decided to hang the variety of vases at different heights, which matches perfectly with the atmosphere. Make sure to use vases with a rim so that you can hang them with a cord easily.

To showcase the lilies at their best, we took off most of the leaves. This way, the flowers are much more prominent. It is also very important that the vases are big enough so plenty of water can be given because lilies are very thirsty. The size of the vase is also important which allows the flowers to grow and flower.
We like it! Do you? Soon, we will share more creative ways to use lilies. Stay tuned!


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