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FleuraMetz & Proyecto Indio

In 1998, Swiss flower wholesaler Kurt Hottinger started importing roses from Ecuador. Each time he paid a visit to Ecuador, he was shocked by the local poverty. Malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment, high mother and child mortality rate…Back in Switzerland, Kurt Hottinger decided things had to change. The imported roses shouldn’t only bring joy to the Swiss but also to the people in Ecuador, was his thought. Thus in 1999, Proyecto Indio was a fact. 

In 2008, flower wholesale company Hottinger was taken over by FleuraMetz and Hottinger stayed on as sales leader. Proyecto Indio was integrated into FleuraMetz at the same time and soon the foundation and its activities were introduced into all the markets, which FleuraMetz serves. As founder of the organisation, Kurt Hottinger maintained his organisational support from Europe. Victor van Dijk is the Branch Manager in Quito and responsible for the support of the projects in Ecuador. FleuraMetz is the financial guarantor for Proyecto Indio and has an active role within the foundation. All employees who are involved, are volunteers and they discuss the foundation’s needs on a regular base. For every project, a tangible plan is made including a budget. The receiving foundations in Ecuador report to Proyecto Indio directly on how they have spent their donations. 

As from the 1st of January 2014, Proyecto Indio has been given the status of Public Benefit Organisation, PBO. Proyecto Indio is very proud of its status as it allows benefactors and colleagues to make their donations tax deductible. RSIN: 823908902

Contact details: FleuraMetz Suisse AG, Gaswerkstr. 2b, 8952 Schlieren/Switzerland. Email: #mail1#,

Chairman of the board: Kurt Hottinger
Vice-chairman of the board: Markus Steigemann
Treasurer: Alfred van Soomeren 
The directors of Proyecto Indio do not receive any compensation for their work for the foundation.