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Van Helvoort Company

The happy santinis are having a wonderful time in the 30 acres large nursery of Preferred Supplier Van Helvoort Company. Marien Kuijntjes: “This is the largest santini nursery in the world, where a lot of effort is put in sustainable horticulture. Our MPS GAP cerfitication means a lot to us.”

He explains: “We keep an eye on everything over here. We take samples on a frequent basis, inspect the soil, re-use our water and have an extremely low percentage of chemical use.” The quality of their products is proof of the efforts made: strong and colourful santinis that will boost the looks of bouquets and arrangements.

Marien: “Since 1st of April, we have been working with a new and unique system. Every santini variety grows in its own speed. This new system will allow us to better plan future orders and meet every possible demand from customers. See it as an in-house auction clock.” The rapid development in online sales hasn’t escaped his attention either. “We really try to stay one step ahead of the game and adapt our range to demands from the industry.” 

FleuraMetz buyer Arie Schoneveld nods. “How we see the future and the role we want to fulfill is something we often talk about. It’s a great Preferred Supplier to share thoughts with.” Marien: “We have a lot of ideas and try to translate them into a way so they will be of benefit to everyone. Not just for Van Helvoort or florists, it has to benefit us all.” He is very happy that the personal contact stays. “Virtual connections, web shops, they’re all great developments but our monthly coffee date is here to stay. I think that’s very important.”

Arie points at all the different, contrasting colours. “Aren’t they beautiful? Available in every shape, shade and size you can imagine.” “If we grow, we do this hand in hand” says Marien. “When we plant up a new variety, the existing varieties will also grow in volume. Our strength lies in the width and availability of our range.” Arie smiles: “I can only agree!”