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Rodenburg Roses

Growers and brothers Ton and Jan Rodenburg’s Red Naomi roses most definitely need to be categorized as ‘Dutch Glory’. They both agree: ‘She is the queen of flowers!’. This Preferred Supplier gives us a sneak peak in its ‘rose-kitchen’.

Preferred Supplier Rodenburg Roses has two nurseries and plants the roses at exactly the same time, so that both the nurseries are able to arrange a steady and quality wise, super range. Together they make sure they have sufficient quantity available every day. Besides the optimal care and the attention that is given, other elements have an influence on the production of roses, such as the wedding season, Valentine’s day and not to be forgotten, the weather! All of this has an effect on the demand of the classic red rose.

"Weddings are the celebration of love and happiness. Hand tieds and floral arrangements are the tools to enhance the emotion. Red Naomi is a stunning red rose and symbolises love, joy, happiness, passion and fire. The Red Naomi from Rodenburg Roses is just perfect for wedding work. As main flower in the bridal bouquet but also on napkins or in corsages and button holes. This rose is available all year round and is lightly fragranced."

Rodenburg Roses Red Naomi CorsageRodenburg Roses Red Naomi RoosRodenburg Roses Red Naomi