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It’s only been 5 years since the start of Parfum Flower Company. At first, Preferred Supplier Wouter de Vries, solely sold David Austin garden roses. “Beautifully shaped roses, mesmerizing scent, preferably a bit of both. That’s what we aim for in our product range,” says Wouter. Over the course of the years, Parfum Flower Company has become a leading company in luxury roses. It was only a matter of time, before we approached him for our Preferred Supplier programme.

“Thanks to our persistent efforts in educating the industry and florists in particular, people now understand how to treat luxury roses. As opposed to standard Dutch roses, which are grown in greenhouses, luxury roses call for a different treatment. Also, the scented feature of a rose requires more energy, which has its effects on vase-life,” he continues. “However, I can assure you that most varieties will last at least week on water.”

Even though longevity is an important feature, it’s not the main criteria for Parfum Flower Company to base their selection on. “We look at scented varieties that will open beautifully. At the farms, they cut their roses at a mature state assuring every single stem to flower to its full potential.” The roses that Parfum Flower Company carries in their range is mainly imported from Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia. They also have their connections in Europe for specific varieties. 

“Garden roses are ideal for event work due to their scent, colour and shape. Majority of our roses are used in weddings but you also see many florists selling these varieties in their shops nowadays. It’s like a candy store in here, different colours and flavours to everyone’s taste. And yes, the candy store is often cleared out. If our partners place their orders several days in advance, we usually don’t have a problem supplying. However, if you need last minute stock on the day itself, there is a good chance it’s sold out. I often find that very frustrating,” Wouter admits.

He continues: “It’s a difficult product for many wholesalers to include in their range. It’s delicate and nearly always come with brown guard petals. Buyers are often put off by this.” FleuraMetz buyer Niels Glas agrees. “Many people are still clueless. These roses are stunning. We want to offer the professionals of the industry as much diversity as possible. Parfum Flower Company’s range is a perfect addition to our portfolio. They just smell divine.” Wouter adds: “Have you ever tried a bunch at home? Do try, this is all you’ll ever want from now on!”