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De Haas Calla's

For a specialised nursery to grow exclusive flower species, such as Calla and Hellebore, it requires intuition and above all, patience. Producing high quality, appealing flowers according to the latest market trends is quite the challenge. Preferred Supplier De Haas accepted this challenge and has been very successful in producing a high quality range all year round.

“The era of buying your products solely through flower auctions is really coming to an end.” says Martijn Warmerdam, who manages the commercial department at De Haas. “A grower used to grow the colours he liked himself. Nowadays, he needs to change his focus to colours the industry is asking for.” In order to maintain the same level of quality, you will need more knowledge. “I know we produce top grade, sturdy products and that they sell well. But how do I know that certain lengths and colours are that what the industry is looking for?”  

He then found out that FleuraMetz shared the same vision. Both companies decided to partner up, connected by their common goal: to serve the professional florist. Warmerdam: “We both want to gain more perspective for the needs in the industry and make them available.” FleuraMetz buyer, Piet Ravensbergen agrees. “People nowadays, want to have a wide range to choose from at a time to their convenience. A wide range but with the same reliable quality. We know that De Haas is capable to meet this standard at all times.”  

The two men continue their discussion on colours. Grower Arschwin de Haas, the person responsible for the stunning nursery filled with Callas and Hellebores, raises his eyebrow when he hears the shades black and yellow. “I don’t think black Callas in summer would be such a great seller.” “No,” says Warmerdam. “but if it does, we will make sure to have them in stock.” 

De Haas has all his varieties concentrated on one location, so that all the relevant colours and species are available on request. Ravensbergen: “Our Marketing department is very good in picking up trending styles. However, we also make sure that our range appeals to the taste of traditional florists.” Warmerdam: “FleuraMetz’ findings are very useful to us and gives us a detailed base to work from. It makes our partnership both practical and fun!”