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Anco Pure Vanda

Preferred Supplier Anco welcomes us in their stunning, Asian style foyer with matching temperature and humidity as this is the climate, which the Pure Vanda is native to. The plants aren’t planted in soil but grown in the air. Grower Steef van Adrichem: “This is their natural environment. It’s only common sense that we treat nature in a respectful way.”

His Pure Vandas seem to thankfully re-pay him for his efforts: strong as they are with their roots dangling in the air boasting their superior colours. “Beautiful aren’t they? Vandas don’t need soil to grow, therefore the humidity in here has to be just right. Otherwise they’ll just shrivel.” Every now and again, you hear the sprinklers above the plants spray a fine mist of water covering the orchids with a dewy veil.

Preferred Supplier Anco is the only company that has positioned the Pure Vanda in the global market we know today. Steef: “I think we own 85% of the current Vanda market. However, it doesn’t mean one can sit back and put his legs up. We are in the process of digitalization, the future is closer than you think.” The reliability of this Preferred Supplier is one of the things that FleuraMetz buyer Marco Hooijmeijer fell for. “It’s a solid, respectable business. They understand the importance of working together and value the meaning of a partnership. They are always one step ahead of the game.”

“We might not be the cheapest but we are the best.” Marco: “In the past, they didn’t have the collection they do now. Currently, they produce approximately 40 different varieties. It’s a better selection, a wider range without compromising quality. This is reassuring to a wholesaler, especially with online sales, when you have to be able to guarantee the latter.” Steef: “This product is a luxury item. It’s a stunning flower with an exclusive, high-end appeal. Our Pure Vandas hang from the ceilings in different hotels. Gorgeous. Jimmy Choo, the designer shoe brand, is also one of our Pure Vanda’s devotees.”

Vandas grow under specific climatic conditions in Asia, which are replicated in the greenhouse as best as possible. “The Netherlands doesn’t have a tropical climate clearly. Therefore, we have been very careful in our work, right from the beginning. Sustainability is self-evident. We are currently focusing on solar energy, re-circulation, organic pesticides and other types of sustainable energy.” That there is more awareness nowadays for sustainable business management is a great development across the board. To Preferred Supplier Anco however, it has been the ordinary course of business since day one. “The only way to treat nature is with respect, full stop.”