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Vreeken Bouvardia

Preferred Supplier Vreeken Bouvardia is a family-run business, MPS-A licensed and a respected bouvardia nursery. Jaap Vreeken: “Unique to bouvardia is the square shape of the flowers. Every floret is like a little gift pack.”

The production has been designed to supply high quality, strong bouvardias year round in every available variety and colour. Pink, red and white are the main colours but the selection also includes many, beautiful in-between shades. Sturdy, thick stems, fresh foliage and large clusters of flowers.

Preferred Supplier Jaap: “Every day, a few of these stunning square buds will open. In only a matter of days, all the flower-clusters come into bloom and the plant becomes the focal point at home. It is a lovely treat that lasts up to 14 days.” Flag ship varieties are ‘Royal Roza’ and ‘Sweet Roza’ However, the Coral series has also been very successful over the past years. Go directly to our web shop to discover the range.