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Triflor - Tulipa

Triflor has been an official tulip supplier for FleuraMetz for the past 3 decades, because of their continuous specialism in exclusive species, such as double, frilly and parrot varieties. Since they also grow the tulip bulbs in-house, the Preferred Supplier is able to keep control over their quality from beginning till end. Triflor is MPS A and Global GAP certified

Triflor grows tulips at multiple locations in The Netherlands and is also located in New Zealand and the South of France. The New Zealand crop follows an opposite season as it is winter over there when it is summer in Europe. Thanks to these fresh flower bulbs, Preferred Supplier Triflor is able to supply top grade tulips in early autumn.

The extraordinairy tulips are available as from October till April. Triflor's range is available at FleuraMetz during the complete tulip season. Want to know more about the many, beautiful varieties? Ask your salesperson for more option or discover the selection in the web shop under Preferred Supplier Triflor.