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Holstein Flowers BV

Preferred Supplier Holstein Flowers is the ultimate gerbera specialist. Experienced, reliable and with a wonderful selection of only the best and strongest gerberas. Not only is this company a smart choice, it is also a sustainable choice. Holstein Flowers is one of the cleanest gerbera production companies of The Netherlands.

CEO Leo van Holstein: “From day one, innovation has always been our drive. It has made us into the company that we are today: a gerbera specialist.” Holstein Flowers’ wide selection offers trending colours, different sizes, unique colour combinations and extraordinary flower shapes. “We design our production around market demands. At this moment, Holstein Flowers produces over 100 different varieties. Each new variety is a carefully selected addition to our current range.” Scroll down the beautiful Holstein Flowers collection in our web shop now.


Leo: “Our production uses as much natural crop protection as possible and we keep an close eye on diseases and plagues among the plants. To protect the plants from infections, we use natural enemies where possible.” The family business is run by the four brothers: Willem, Leo, Tom and Mathieu. Leo’s two sons, Hans and Paul, are also closely involved in the company’s future course.   

Leo: “80 percent of our collection is from our own breeding and selection efforts. Therefore, we know the features of our cultivars better than anyone else. Our complete range is also available to customers in small, convenient quantities.” Preferred Supplier Holstein Flowers is very strong in tailored products. Leo: “Thanks to our advanced set up in processing gerberas, we are able to meet the increasing demand for small orders.”

Holstein Flowers has its own testing area and laboratory. It allows them to act fast to market developments. Leo: “This well-equipped facility allows us to breed new cultivars and run tests on the performance of new varieties. See if they meet our highest standards.”

“We often test existing varieties as well. It’s very important to regularly check the quality of the flowers that florists are receiving.” says Leo. Their stunning Pomponi, Spider and other germini varieties were also featured in the FleuraMetz Winter Magazine 2018. Have you discovered them in our web shop yet? Ask your sales person for more varieties from Preferred Supplier Holstein Flowers.  

Holstein Flowers - Best growers from Holland from Holstein Flowers on Vimeo.