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Ton Vreugdenhil - freesias

Preferred Supplier Ton Vreugdenhil introduced two concepts to the market: Ton’s Ten and ton SUR ton. Find out which of the concepts speak to your target group: Heavier main stems in deluxe sleeves or freesias wrapped and sold in 10’s.

Ton’s Ten is a quality concept for the high end wholesaler and florist. This concept includes 10 stems of freesias in deluxe sleeves, which are available in 6 different colours. Only the main stem of a freesia plant is used for Ton’s Ten Selection. Every freesia plant has 1 main stem, which you can cut. The side shoots, will continue to grow after the main stem is gone and cut when they are mature enough. Main stems are always heavier in size and better quality. 

In 2012, the Preferred Supplier introduced his concept to the market. For the first time in history, freesias were wrapped and sold in 10’s instead of the customary 50 stems. Multiple colours in smaller bunches together in a bucket, was Ton’s smart answer to the market’s demand for smaller selling quantities. 

Find out which of the concepts speak to your target group.Would you like to know more about these summer bloomers and their availability? Contact your sales person or browse through the online offer per delivery date.