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Tips for Flowering Plants

Spring and summer are very suitable for flowering plants in the garden. It is a great service if you can give your customers some additional tips about the chosen plant. Maybe you were familiar with these tips already, or do you have a golden tip yourself? What colourful bedding plant do you sell the most?

Flowering shrubs, climbers and perennials are important for bumble bees, bees and butterflies in a garden. Perennials often live for more than two years and can flower more than once. Don´t get upset when they die off above ground in the autumn. That is when they retire underground to hibernate, after which they will come back bigger and stronger the following year. Good examples are the clematis, hydrangeas and the campanula.

Lobelia, verbena, sage or petunia ... bedding plants that show their bright colours throughout the summer. They do best if you combine them in small group sizes with perennials. They thrive in direct sunlight, although bedding plants like busy Lizzie, marigolds and fuchsia do better in the shade.

Plants that are potted in pots or balcony boxes always need holes in the bottom of the pot, so that extra water can drain freely. Tip to prevent holes from blocking up: cover the hole with some pieces of pottery. Bedding plants will be happy if you remove their old flowers, after which they will often flower again. Did you know that potting soil contains enough food for 4 to 5 weeks? After that, you must add plant feed.

Your salesperson can give you some additional tips or request additional information from the FleuraMetz colleagues who purchase the plants. On this page, you can find additional information about the varieties of your favourite growers. Thanks to Tuincentrum Vechtweelde, who sent us the tips above. You can find the most popular bedding plants via Essentials in the webshop.

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