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Florists choose sustainable and affordable

Did you know that the web shop offers an easy option to buy sustainable flowers and plants? And that FleuraMetz automatically marks their products as Sale after 24 hours, but never longer than 48 hours? Choose the benefit that suits you and offer your customers the choice.

The concept of sustainability is difficult because it applies to different components. It involves a company´s impact on the environment, the way flowers and plants are grown but also staff working conditions. Read more about FlauraMetz´s policy on sustainability. 

To contribute to a sustainable, durable world, each link in the chain must do their share. FleuraMetz wants to give florists a fair choice. Therefore, all products that have been grown sustainably are now marked with an icon in the web shop.

Sustainability is a characteristic, just like the length, quality and country of origin. This flower or plant has been grown at a nursery that meets the requirements of FSI, MPS-A or FlorEcuador. These growers, therefore, cultivate consciously and transparently. Read more about certification in the FleuraMetz webshop.

Because of intensive cooperation with Preferred Suppliers and efficient logistics, FleuraMetz can deliver very fresh flowers and plants. Quality and consistency are important, and that is why FleuraMetz has a very strict stock policy.

Expect hard goods from previous collections, plants that have been in stock a little longer. Flowers that are labelled SALE are maximum 48 hours old. This means good, fresh stock at economic prices.

Finding Sale products in the web shop means searching for fresh, high-quality trade for a lower price.

Tips for Flowering Plants

Spring and summer are very suitable for flowering plants in the garden. It is a great service if you can give your customers some additional tips about the chosen plant. Maybe you were familiar with these tips already, or do you have a golden tip yourself? What colourful bedding plant do you sell the most?

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This summer exudes flowers!

There is no shortage of beautiful flowers. It gives us the summer vibes! Demand for summer flowers is growing fast, and there is a large variety on offer. Where to start? FleuraMetz offers you a bit of help: in the next few weeks, we will feature a number of popular summer flowers!

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