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Perfect for gourmets

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the item featuring Floral Fundamentals’ recipes in the FleuraMetz magazine? Simply having the right ingredients, however, is no guarantee for creating a good dish. FleuraMetz and Floral Fundamentals have joined forces to enable gourmets to make delicious floral creations like this by themselves.

Good chefs are able to present their guests a menu that is not only familiar and recognisable, but which always contains something surprising or just a little different too. As a result, their regulars will keep coming back, while new guests are persuaded to come in. It goes without saying that this method works just as well for florists!

Welk van de onderstaande gerechten staan er op uw menu?


Jenny Murphy, Floral Fundamentals - issue 16

  •  Asparagus falcatus
  • Calla 'Odessa' (Zantedeschia) Gloriosa
  • Philodendron xanadu
  • Rosa 'Red Naomi'
  • Tillandsia ionantha
  • Flat cane 


Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen, Floral Fundamentals - issue 16

  • Alchemilla mollis 'Robustica'
  • Astilbe 'Europa'
  • Bouvardia 'Royal Roza'®
  • Chasmanthium latifolium
  • Clematis Amazing® 'Kibo'
  • Dianthus 'Viper Wine' (Carnation)
  • Lathyrus odoratus 
  • Lisianthus Botanie Pink
  • Nerine bowdenii 'Sofie'
  • Rosa Hips 'Autumn Spirit'
  • Scabiosa 'Raspberry SCOOP'®
  • Wool Feit 

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The new florist web shop is live!

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