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Christmas foliage: nostalgia of today

The power of stories has been as old as times. The troubadours and minstrels of before are now replaced by digital versions on Instagram and YouTube. However, their goal is the same: create solidarity and recognition. And what better way to create recognition in November and December than with Christmas foliage?

“Good quality Christmas foliage is not cut until the first night frost has kicked in. it’s no use to cut before that, the foliage will only go limp and droopy.” - Jack de Koning, strategic buyer.
Preferred Supplier Laustroer GmbH cuts the Christmas greenery for its home-made wreaths with a lift, among others.

Combining the budding, dark red Rhodos with bright green branches of the Nordmann fir from Preferred Supplier Grombein Naturgrünhandel GmbH instantly creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Christmas foliage adapt easily. Find surprising ideas on social media.


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