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Our Preferred Suppliers

A strong base for innovative ideas

As a full-service partner, FleuraMetz offers its partners a platform in the floriculture industry. This has been made possible thanks to the strong foundation: our logistical network. Our Preferred Suppliers ensure that you are buying from a wide, fresh and up-to-date selection; one that is also very reliable. 

  • Collect

Together with growers and suppliers, offer certified flowers, plants and sundries to customer groups across the world.

  • Connect

Through the platform, we can connect your request to the right offering with the addition of knowledge, inspiration and innovation.

  • Distribute

A fresh and fast distribution optimises your results scaling down the supply chain.

Discover the different suppliers through ‘Flowers’ or ‘Plants’ (click below), who we are very proud to call our Preferred Suppliers. They are also visible in the web shop, where a lot of information is available about their products. Want to know more about FleuraMetz’ sustainable goals? Click here.

More than just flowers