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Flowers aren’t just a pretty sight, they also have a perfect way of expressing our feelings when words fail to do so. White lilies, for instance, are often used in funeral work, while crocuses are considered a symbol for a new beginning. FleuraMetz hopes to inspire and support you with the extensive product range we offer.

FleuraMetz is able to support you by our purchasing, which is done with great care and by presenting our products in very clear concepts. One of them is through inspiring Cash & Carries, where a large proportion of our flowers are displayed. Another buying concept is through a sales truck, which passes your door filled with the freshest flowers. Third option is ordering through our online web shop and choose where you would like to have your order delivered to.     

With all 3 buying concepts, the quality of your trusted FleuraMetz products is guaranteed. In addition, our Product Scouts look out for New Stars throughout the world every day. Innovative products, which still have to find their way to the public.

If you have a floral job at an exotic destination, you can still get hold of FleuraMetz flowers through our Flying Dutch Flowers division. This allows you, as a professional florist, to be different and innovative yet still maintain your personal signature. 

TIP: FleurMetz supplies greens under the name Leafer; a strong brand for premium quality greens. Directly supplied from quality farms without extra handling and stored at the right temperature.

Would you like to know more? Please contact your Account Manager for more information. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The earth laughs in flowers.