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Cash & Carry

The Cash & Carry’s of FleuraMetz offer a wide range of cut flowers and foliages in purpose built premises. Daily supplies to our Cash & Carry’s allows you to choose from all kinds of varieties of fresh products. Even your own customers will notice the difference with you making profit of theFleuraMetz buying power!

Besides cut flowers, our Cash & Carry’s offer a complete range of plants and sundries.

Every penny counts, especially for a florist. Our Cash & Carry offers you more efficient buying methods through right quantities and the right colours because you are able to see what you buy without any restrictions. You also have the opportunity of placing an order on one of our Cash & Carry webshops which you can pick up the following day at your own convenience.

With a cup of coffee and their expertise, our enthusiastic FleuraMetz team is excited to welcome you in one of our Cash & Carry’s!