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Exotic patio surprises

Most plants are only suitable for indoor, however, this popular bloomer feels completely at ease on the patio during summer! The Guzmania is an extraordinary member of the bromeliad family and is also available with two-toned flowers or variegated foliage.

Its large flower spike is a spectacular sight. During summer, this exotic plant does wonderfully well outdoors. In our web shop, under Essentials, you will find them in yellow, orange, purple, red and white. Also notice the two-toned varieties or the ones with variegated foliage. Ask your salesperson for more options.

  • Bromeliads that live in the ground are called terrestrial.
  • Bromeliads that grow on trees are called epiphytic. Anchored high up in trees, epiphytes get more sunlight.
  • Epiphytes gather water and nutrients from the air and are also known as air plants.

Guzmanias and other bromeliads are sturdy plants. They require very little care and keep up to 3 to 6 months. Bromeliads like a light space (keep them away from direct sunlight however). Pour water into the calyx regularly, additional plant food is not needed.

Summer joy at a colourful dinner table

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