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Novelties, surprises or the must-haves of the week. Filter with Buy Smart to see which products suit your business and style.

Surprise - This category offers smart products to those who want to be ahead of their customers. 

Fritillaria Persica Ivory Bells

Bulbinella Doleritica

Dahlia Karma 

Passiflora Purple Passion

Felicia Felicitara Blue

 Hydnophytum papaunum 

Ceramics Planter Alpaca, 15*9*17cm

Glass colour Vase Square,

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Essentials - This category shows you what you should be offering at this moment. The source? Global sales data that gives us insight in the current desires of consumers and customers.  


Myosotis sylvatica mix

Easter Quail egg, d2x3cm x60

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A vital start of spring with FlowerTales

Vitality stands for power. Power can mean different things to different people. Power is connected to creativity, stamina. Therefore, March and April are centred around these two topics for the FlowerTales team: the power of women and innovation. This is beautifully shown in the new FlowerTales magazine.

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NEWS | Burying white briefs

I hear you thinking, bury a white brief? The cotton fabric will have nearly decomposed after being buried underground for several months, if the soil-life is active that is. This is only active if there is a low level of chemicals in the soil. Preferred Supplier W.F. Leenen participated in a sustainable experiment and explains why:

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