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Charmelia: 95% organically grown

Over the past period, you have seen a lot of the versatile Charmelia on social media, in the newsletter and in this DIY. Thanks to the long vase-life, this charming flower is just perfect for bouquets and floral design. Did you know that its production process is extremely intriguing?

Preferred Supplier Together2grow is the sole grower of the Charmelia. "Low humidity and a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius are ideal for the perfect growth. The Charmelia is a perennial. After approximately eight weeks, the first stems are ready for cutting. The plants finish growing after three years and new crop must be planted for the cycle." The Charmelia from Together2Grow is for 95% organically grown, the next step is a complete organic production method.

Preferred Supplier Together2grow is MPS GAP- and SQ certified. This grower is conscious about the impact on the environment and therefore, doesn't make hasty decisions. To reduce their impact on the environment, an alternative energy management is key. Their current, plastic packaging is the least harmful option. All other packaging alternatives leave a bigger footprint. Read more about this subject here.

The number of flowers per stem makes the Charmelia one of a kind. This, combined with the charming features, sturdy stem and long vase-life, make it a favourite among florists who look for elegance in their bouquets. 

Want to know more? Check out the stock in the webshop or ask your salesperson for more information.

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