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Rhodos: ‘Surprisingly big, dense petals’

These florists have set to work with another type of red rose, the Rhodos. What did they make with these varieties, and why did they choose Rhodos specifically? Their answers were strikingly similar: the big flower head, and the surprisingly warm colour.

Rhodos roses are available in several varieties: Rhodos Classic, two pink varieties and Premium Rhodos. It can be difficult to find just what you're looking for in the huge range of rose varieties. However, selecting a different variety can be economical, practical and surprising. How do you go about finding a suitable variety? These two Dutch florists had never used Rhodos before, and took up the challenge.

'The sturdy stem, directly beneath the flower head, is really nice to work with. This makes it easier to incorporate this flower into floral arrangements in comparison to other roses.' Remko of Florifère is busy getting ready for autumn. His customers want to create a warm, cosy atmosphere in their homes. 'The warm colours and the large flower size make this a pleasant rose. I normally never use imported roses, but the Premium Rhodos is surprisingly light. Another advantage is that it doesn't have any thorns, while it nevertheless has big flowers.'

Florist Anja of BonBonFleur, who set to work with Rhodos Classic, discovered another distinguishing aspect. 'The shape and denseness of the petals is really surprising. I would never have guessed that Rhodos roses come from Kenya. I never pictured Rhodos to be quite like this .' Thanks to the materials she has chosen, Anja's arrangement is perfect for autumn.

Interested to find out if Rhodos will be a good match for your floral arrangement? Ask your sales representative about prices and availability or take a look at the web shop. Want to see more Rhodos? We will be sharing a video with you soon showing how these two florists made their creations.


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