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Bulbs which flower in autumn

The bulk of the most well-known bulbs arrive at the end of winter bringing a welcomed touch of pre-spring at home. However, bulbs such as hyacinths, are already available in autumn. Great for colouring life at home this season. Christmas stockings at the florist? With these waxed bulbs, you can!

Hippeastrum, or Amaryllis, is already available from September. Not only in potted varieties but also in different wonderful presentations, which make excellent little gifts. These varieties do not need any water to flower and are available in the webshop as NoWater flowers waxed bulbs.

Different colour combinations or varieties with snow: discover the options in the webshop and make your own personal mix. They don't require any care and can be put on or in anything!

Beautiful little stockings wrapped around Amaryllis bulbs: leopard, glitter, single coloured or Christmas. Any design is now available in the webshop and ready to trigger your creativity. For queries please contact your salesperson or look in the webshop for the current selection and prices.

Hyacinths are already available at the end of October. Specially for this season, they are offered in different designs, baskets, metal containers or pots in specific colours and sizes.
Discover the options in the webshop.

You can also use the sweet, lightly fragranced bulbs in an arrangement by your own design. The young, crisp green foliage brings light in the dark, bleak autumn months together with a touch of colour and happiness. Queries? Your salesperson is at your disposal. Want to know more about the varieties and bulbs? Discover them in the webshop under Plants now.

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