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ON THE MOVE | Production method wedding roses Le Rêve™

Have you discovered the secret behind the wedding collection from Le Rêve™ yet? You've probably already seen the creative ideas using this rose mix. It was even featured in the FleuraMetz Magazine (named: Urban Eclectic). Why has FleuraMetz specially chosen these roses for you? Find out the answer in the short video!

Firstly, the roses that give Urban Eclectic its powerful appeal were selected with the greatest care. They are year round available. Is your favourite variety not showing in the webshop? The selected delivery day may be the cause. Ask your salesperson for the next delivery option.

The 'Early Grey' reminds you of starting the day together, 'Piacere' means fun in Italian and Cupido speaks for itself. The other varieties Grey Knights, Orange Crush, Coral Xpression, Pink Xpression and Ever Red also suit the industrial, warm colour palette perfectly.

View the video below to get an impression of the production method of the roses from the Urban Eclectic wedding collection. Our buyers visited the growers in Ecuador and have personally seen the Pink Xpression and Early Grey grow! It's these varieties that steers the overall look away from being too classic and appeal to young bridal couples

Want to take a closer look? Click here for the current selection or ask your salesperson for the next available date.

Want to know more about this wedding theme and mood board? Re-watch the making-of-video. Looking for more inspiration? Feel free to use our
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