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GUEST BLOG | Surprise your guests with floral accessories

Involving guests in an event is quite a challenge. But how do you make sure they will not forget you after the festivities have ended? B Floral – an events and design agency from New York – is happy to share all the ins and outs of using floral accessories at events. ‘They lend an event a personal touch, and leave a long-term impression.’

B Floral: 'It is an inviting and interactive way to present new products and be creative with your guests. Not only will they be quite surprised; the floral accessories will surely prompt your guests to share your event on social media. This will not only draw the attention of your guests, but that of their followers as well.' 

Ensure that your collection is in line with your brand and/or message. If your theme is the desert, for example, you could make use of succulents in a diversity of styles and colours. Or, you could go for an Alice in Wonderland theme and use lots of bright and playful colours.

Photography: B Floral, B Floral, Polihram

Create a moment of interaction with your guests by setting up a "try-on-booth". Present an enchanting and stunning collection of jewellery and allow your guests to try it on. Allow them to experiment with various types and styles. Invite them to share their photographs and experiences on social media, thus increasing the reach of your event.

Photography: Sagliocco

After your guests have tried on the jewellery, you can surprise them with a nice gift. Fresh floral accessories are a unique, deluxe and personal gift. It is a really nice, surprising way to give your guests a tangible memento of your event.

Incorporate your brand into themed collections and the gift in a way that gets your message across. This is a great way to entertain your guests at the event while creating customer loyalty for your brand (even after the event).'

Photography: Gabbe, Sagliocco

Do you also use floral accessories at events, or do you have another good idea to create customer loyalty for your brand? Let us know via our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.

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