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DIY | The Avalanche+® as the ideal dancing partner

As a florist, you are constantly in search of new ideas. The easiest way to go about this is to permanently keep a few basics in stock, and to continually expand on these with new variations. A strong basic player for bouquets is the Avalanche+®. You could call this flower an ideal dancing partner! In this DIY we will show you how.

With its pure, white colour, the Avalanche+® is the powerful centrepiece of every bouquet. This sturdy rose provides a strong foundation for the other colours and shapes making up a bouquet. So high-spirited! Now, what makes this flower such a good dancing partner? The way it mixes and matches with just about every other flower and is right for every occasion is unique. This makes it a smart partner in your basic range of floral products.

Creating a good bouquet is a lot like choreography: writing a roadmap that leads to a stunning performance, step by step. Of course, we are extremely interested in your own, special performance!

Step 1: In addition to the white Avalanche+®, gather together a number of brightly coloured flowers and some usable greenery. Are you looking for an explosion of colour like a Samba, or do you prefer a sensuous Paso Doble in no more than two or three hues?

Step 2: Bind the Avalanche+® roses together linearly, so that the buds are visible at various heights.

Step 3
: Next, add all the other materials to the roses that have been bound together one step at a time. This creates a lovely interplay of flowers that seem to dance with the stable heart of the bouquet: the Avalanche+®.

Step 4
: Lastly, create a unified whole by tying everything neatly together. Your choreography is ready to be performed!

In the next few weeks, you will find more inspiration about the high-spirited side of this white rose here. Ask your sales representative about the availability of this product.



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