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DIY | Passionate flower design for autumn

A strong, unique and surprising rose mix. ‘Glances of Decofresh’ surprises you every two months with a remarkable selection of roses with this edition to suit the autumn season. This September and October will be fiery and fierce thanks to ‘Glances of Passion’. Can you feel it too?

The transition from summer to autumn can be tough after a colourful season. Designs can feel a bit dark with green and brown taking over after the abundance of sunny summer flowers. Not with Glances of Passion!

The amazing roses from Decofresh Roses speak for themselves and give any design that little bit extra. Especially, with the following tip from the designer. With the shape, colour and look of the roses you can create intense designs every time. The Glances of Passion are a signature mix of warm and fiery colours. Your go-to product this autumn!

Get started with the mix yourself? This is what you'll need:

  • Glances of Passion
  • Zea Mays Medium
  • Chasmatium Latifolium, sprayed in copper yourself
  • Aspidistra
  • Asparagus long topped (D) Orange
  • Ostrich feathers orange
  • Deco spray Coppertone
  • Wooden strips

Tip from the designer: you don't need large hands for such a big and heavy bouquet. Tie the bouquet one or two times in between with rope or anchor tape before adding more stems to it. You will see that holding the flowers together will be much easier this way.

Want to know more about Glances of Decofresh and the varieties that are still to come? Keep an eye on this page for more information. Also feel free to contact your salesperson for the most up-to-date offering.

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