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DIY | FlowerTales and dried flowers

The latest edition of FlowerTales magazine features a unique creation that will let you hold on to summer for just a bit longer. In this DIY the designer will make use of dried flowers and share some useful tips about the drying process with us.

Drying flowers is a process that requires speed. The flowers can't get the chance to wilt any more. The best place to dry them is in a warm, dry and dark room. This way of drying flowers is simple and eco-friendly.

  1. It may seem a waste but cut or pick the flower when it's at its prettiest. After all, this is the look of the flower you want to preserve. It's best to do this in the morning.
  2. Remove any excess foliage from the stem and use rope or wire to tie little bunches of the flowers.
  3. Hang them upside down from a beam or tie a rope across where you can attach the bunches to.
  4. When the foliage feel brittle after weeks of hanging and sound crispy when you touch them, your homemade dried flowers are ready!

Depending on the size and thickness of the flowers, it can take one to eight weeks before they are completely dried. No time to be patient? You can also buy them ready-made in the webshop.

A tip from the designer:
 the best moments to pick flowers outside is early morning. The sun and the warmth haven’t had the chance to evaporate the moisture from the flower yet. At this time of day, most of the water is still in the flower stem. It allows the flower to survive longer, after you’ve picked it. 

DIY | Passionate flower design for autumn

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DIY | The Avalanche+® as the ideal dancing partner

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