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ON THE MOVE | Unique experience at Chinese flower trade show

After several months of preparations, the new joint venture between FleuraMetz and Hasfarm officially started on 12 July. Coincidentally, the flower show in Kunming (China) was held at the same time giving us the perfect opportunity to present our collaboration to the local target group, the florists. FleuraMetz was there and Marketing Director Nancy van Kleef shares her experience.

The FleuraMetz marketing team worked very hard to develop all the materials and design from the Netherlands. "You always hope that the work we've done over here was enough to help new colleagues set up and prepare for a trade show thousands miles away from you," says Nancy.

"This flower show was held at the outskirts of Kunming in an enormous venue. Our colleague Gerrit Groot (commercial director Asia) jokingly said: you have to climb Mount Everest (88 steps) first before you even enter the building. Once you're in, the focus is immediately on online connection with making selfies as one of the first priorities for example. We don't see this enough back in Europe."

Nancy explains that at the show, it was very clear how the Chinese like to make themselves stand out from the crowd. "On every corner you could find workshops and movies showing on large screens. Most stands also had hosts or designers, who you could hear loud and clear through the big boxes."

"What I particularly noticed, and I'm allowed to say this as I'm over 50, was that the florists in China seemed very young. Our business partner Tim Scalogne told me that this target group in China is indeed relatively young and that they are very open to information and knowledge. There is currently not a vested floristry culture yet or signature style. They are very eager to learn new techniques and gain more knowledge."

Nancy was quite the head-turner among the Chinese visitors. "As a blond giant, I walked through the venue and was asked to take a picture multiple times. It was quite the experience! In China, all pictures and movies are shared online immediately on WeChat. The digitalisation over here is developing fast and the consumer behaviour is mainly focused online, which also seem to apply to the florist."

The visit to the trade show in China is now a daily inspiration to FleuraMetz and the knowledge we have here, will certainly be shared with the local florists there. The world seems to be getting smaller with all the online tools we have nowadays.... Nonetheless, it is still good to be physically present, to hear the noise, smell the aromas and talk to people in person.

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