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GUEST BLOG | Colourful festival installations

Festival season is upon us, and with that comes all of the amazing brand installations that accompany festival season. Whether it’s a music festival, a culture festival or an interactive festival, there are numerous installations you can utilize that will maximize your brand’s exposure. Read on to check out some of B Floral’s – a New York based event design company that specializes in branding - favorite ways to go over-the-top with festival installations.

If you want to wow your guests, incorporate an impactful photo moment that is 100% Instagrammable. A flower bomb installation immediately elevates a basic object and wows guests. Make sure that all flowers are unstructured and free flowing. Choose bold colored blooms and style them throughout to make it appear as the flowers have been growing from the object for years. A flower bomb is the ultimate photo moment and will become THE focal point of any festival!

Image: BFloral

Focus on creating experiences where guests are completely immersed and engaged in heavily stylized environments. Once a theme is chosen, event designers have the task of creating key elements such as installations and activations to envelop guests within the experience. There's no stopping this trend anytime soon!

Images: Adam Kargenian

Consumer brands often engage in field marketing at festivals. And a popular way to display products in a potentially chaotic and crowded environment is with a branded cart. Elevated carts adorned with flowers, greenery and décor will turn a cart into a photo moment, enticing guests to snap pictures and post on social media. Portable and customizable — a cart will also afford you the flexibility to bring an experience to multiple locations without incurring extra costs over time.

Images: B Floral

If you're working in a small space, don't let that deter you from going over the top with your overarching event design. Festivals often do not provide brands with much of a footprint but installations can be used to make an impact, regardless of venue size. Whether you choose to go all out and flower bomb a taxi or take a tasting booth to the next level, unique installations will completely elevate your brand and enhance the ambiance of your event.

We would love to know: do you use over-the-top installations for festivals or other events?

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