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GUEST BLOG | Care tips for summer

Want to keep your flowers fresh and radiant all summer long? Find out how in this blog! Guest blogger Steve Fernandes – editor at Ecoroses and senior researcher – shares his best tips, based on solid research.

Steve: ‘Cut flowers always need care, regardless of the weather. Change the water and chop the ends off the stems regularly, or remove any withered leaves. When the temperature rises, they can certainly use a little extra love.’

'Just like we, flowers also need to drink more in summer. Water evaporates faster in warm weather. Keep your vases full and quench your flowers' thirst.'

: If you keep your vase filled with fresh water up to 1/3, your flowers will stay fresh and hydrated.

'When temperatures increase, bacteria in water accumulate much faster. This makes the water murky and the ends of the stems slimy. As a result, you will end up with unhappy flowers.'

TIP: Change the water every day instead of every three days. Anton, Steve's floral designer, recommends using lukewarm water. It contains less oxygen, inhibiting the growth of bacteria by 85%.

'Most people love the sun, but flowers prefer the shade. Sun causes the moisture in a flower's petals to evaporate. Too much direct sunlight can even cause them to dry out, or will burn them.'

Think about where you will put your bouquet. Is it very sunny? Place it outside of direct sunlight and move it to a cooler place at night.

'We all do it... and so do your customers! We keep our windows tightly shut when we are at work during the day. As a result, temperatures will rise considerably in our houses. When we return home in the evening, we open the windows to cool the house. Temperature fluctuations like these are not good for flowers. Flowers like lilies, peonies, irises and gladioli in particular don't like the heat.'

: You can put the flowers in a protective pot and keep them away from open doors and windows. Avoiding air conditioning is also a good idea.

'Give flower heads new energy by removing the leaves on the stem. This also creates a more streamlined interplay of lines in your floral arrangements, placing greater emphasis on the flower heads.'

: Keep the stems hydrated by cutting them anew every time you change the water. Remove a few extra leaves in flowers such as eustoma (lisianthus), celosia and chrysanthemums, and let your flowers shine!


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