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CARE | Top 5 heat-tolerant plants

Summer can suddenly be sunny overnight. What plant varieties love that? Below top 5 are shop-ready now!

An obvious choice but nonetheless the absolute winner. As cacti store water inside themselves, they can last for a very long time in dry, sunny periods. There are so many varieties and sizes... Some cacti can even be touched, if you stroke in the right direction that is! Discover the many different varieties in the web shop.

These green powerhouses can cope with large temperature differences. The succulents need very little water. If they get too much, they will outgrow their lovely rosette shape. Tip for the customer: To get more colour into the Echeveria, it is best to leave them outside. The colours become stronger due to the temperature difference between day and night. Some will even reward you with flowers.

Crassula also grow fast with too much water. Crassulas are known for their slow growth and therefore also called 'tree of life'. The Crassula will show beautiful colour tones in its foliage with large temperature differences. Fun to try! Discover the selection in the web shop.

This desert bloomer comes in a wide range of varieties. Tell your customers that any excess water needs to be able to drain away. Some Sedum varieties can flourish as perrenial in your garden for years, others do better as patio or houseplant. These plants are also suitable for outdoor in spring. The large(r) temperature differences will give them more colour.

These sturdy rock plants perform very well on tough surfaces, are native to high altitude, mountainous areas with extreme weather conditions. Remember to tell your customers that these plants do not like (too much) water or soil. Put them in terra cotta pots and they will look amazing on your garden table. Find them in the web shop or ask your salesperson for more options.


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In this blog series, we research the impact of packing materials. Not every type is sustainable by definition. Thanks to the thesis of intern Dionne Rens (Sustainable Value Chains), FleuraMetz can give more insight on the impact of different packing materials. Part 3: no plastic.

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