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RESPONSIBLE | Yes or no to plastic?

Sustainability goes beyond plastic. By choosing alternative packing materials, it doesn’t mean your actions are immediately sustainable. This applies to individuals but also to businesses. In this extensive blog series, you will get more insight in sustainable choices.

The word sustainability is indispensable in the floriculture industry. Every self-respecting company must have a sustainability policy (read FleuraMetz’s here), every grower must be able to prove the sustainability level of his production (How to recognise sustainable products in the web shop?), so that every florist can purchase sustainable products. However, it doesn’t stop here. 

Many flowers, plants and sundries need protection during transport or they are not fit for sales anymore. FleuraMetz supplies its products to different countries across Europe in reusable crates. Growers wrap their flowers in different types of sleeves. Consumers want a pretty wrapping. Which packaging option is the correct one is difficult to say. In the spring issue of the FleuraMetz Magazine, we first discussed this topic. 

When choosing packing material, it is best to ask yourself what element is most important to you. Is it reduced carbon dioxide emission or materials, which can be reused so there is less waste polluting the environment? For example, paper can only recycle 7 times. After that, the material falls apart.

FleuraMetz would like to give you more information on sustainability over the next few months. Based on this information, you can determine what sustainability norms are of more value to you. Less plastic? Lower level of carbon dioxide emission? Less production due to improved recycling? In the web shop you can find sustainably produced products according to the standards of FSI. This sustainable choice already has an immediate, positive effect on the environment.

In two weeks: bio-plastic: sustainable or pollution?

DIY | Lovely bridal bouquet

Will you, as a florist, soon be given the opportunity to supply the floral arrangements for a wedding and could you use a little inspiration? If you do, read on! In this DIY we will be setting to work with pale and lovely colours, resulting in a stunning bridal bouquet.

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On the move | Local Heroes in Switzerland

Summertime is all about local heroes: growers, who produce the most beautiful products on local soil. FleuraMetz Switzerland buys part of its selection from these heroes. Our Swiss colleagues went to see them and shared the beauty with us:

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