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On the move | Local Heroes in Switzerland

Summertime is all about local heroes: growers, who produce the most beautiful products on local soil. FleuraMetz Switzerland buys part of its selection from these heroes. Our Swiss colleagues went to see them and shared the beauty with us:

Gebr. Blaser (Ruswil, Kanton Luzern)
Produces from January until October, 60 different flower varieties on 15 – 20 acres of Freiland. Now in season are: Freesias, Snapdragons, Stocks, Sweet William, Gypsopila and Forget Me Not.

 (Jonen, Kanton Aargau) 
New greenhouses since 2005, offers a year round selection of Germini, Gerbera, Alstroemeria, Gloriosa and Lilies.

To let customers recognise the products that are grown in Switzerland in the Cash & Carry, we introduced the Local Heroes label in October 2014. You can also find these products in the web shop by using the filter 'Local Heroes'.

Do you not reside in Switzerland and would you like to know if there are also products available from growers near you? If these products are in stock, you can find them on the left in the web shop menu. You can also contact your salesperson for more information on Local Heroes in your area.

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