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DIY | Lovely bridal bouquet

Will you, as a florist, soon be given the opportunity to supply the floral arrangements for a wedding and could you use a little inspiration? If you do, read on! In this DIY we will be setting to work with pale and lovely colours, resulting in a stunning bridal bouquet.

  • Use flowers with a flexible stem for this summery bridal bouquet so that they will not bend at the point where the stems converge with the flower heads in the handle.
  • Make sure the flowers are not too cold, so take them out of your refrigeration unit in plenty of time. Stems that are warm bend more easily.

It may sound logical, but it is always quite a challenge to ensure that the floral arrangements correspond to the wedding couple's unique style. Elements to take into consideration are the colours and materials used. After all, floral arrangements are a perfect vehicle for expressing a bride and groom's individuality.

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