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GUESTBLOG | Trend guru Pieter Landman decorates rooftop-event

America; the land where more is better. It is the second home of floral designer Pieter Landman as he often travels to the US to decorate some of the most extravagant events. The creative mind behind ‘Blooming Vision’ takes us behind the scenes of a big roof top event in San Diego.

 “As a child, I was always in the field among the tulips, which belonged to my parents. Since then, I stayed in the industry with people describing me as a passionate flower person”, says Pieter. As a floral designer, he decorates different types of events around the globe. He also designs other relevant products, such as packaging, vases and pots but also new styles in bouquets and gives advice on colour, flowers, plants, trends and sales channels. In America, he is known as the trend guru for a reason. Pieter is the type who looks up boundaries and isn’t afraid of change.

Only recently, Pieter was asked to decorate an exclusive roof top event in San Diego. “The event was a diner dansant for a large supermarket chain in the US. The guests all work in the flower industry, therefore I wanted to put something together that people don’t see very often. Instead of putting the flowers in vases, I used them in hanging arrangements. I love to provoke people and I sure did! People are still taking about the flowers and say that I am the guy, who made gyp trendy again”, says Pieter with a smile. 

How do you prepare for such a big event? Pieter: “The day before the event I finished most of the normal vase arrangements and prepped the hanging elements. I only have a two-hour window at the venue itself to do the set up. With the help of five other team members, I managed to finish within these two hours. Also, I always check if the decorations are allowed to stay after the event or whether they need to be removed. Waste can be an unexpected, high expense.”

The world around us is changing, fast. There are also different types of people, events and situations. Dare to reinvent yourself as a florist. Pieter shares his tip: “Make sure you know everything about the venue, such as the layout, the rules and regulations, options for loading and offloading. This will prevent unpleasant surprises.” He is the perfect example of if you dare to be bold in America, the land of opportunities, you can be very successful.

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