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SUSTAINABILITY| Get to work with sustainable packaging

Making a sustainable choice is very important but harder than you think. As opposed to what’s generally thought, paper isn’t the most sustainable choice, which you may already know from previous blogs. Packaging expert Nynke Arntzen (KIDV) is back and gives you seven specific tips on how to make your packaging (more) sustainable.

“Always put the functionality of a packaging first. In most cases, the key function of packaging is to protect the product; realise that loss of the product is (almost) always more harmful to the environment than the packaging itself.”

“Avoid the use of harmful substances in packaging. This way, you will prevent these harmful substances from going into the recycled materials and living environment.”

“Be thoughtful with the material. By using as little material as possible and reusing as much as possible, you are creating a more efficient use of raw materials and limiting the level of waste.”

“Create a pure material stream, which can be recycled properly. Try to use one kind of material per packaging element where possible and make sure that they are easily separated. The raw materials can then be recycled to make new products and packaging.”

"Use recycled or renewable raw materials where possible. This way, you limit the use of new materials and extend the use of existing materials."

"When developing packaging, take the level of logistical efficiency already into consideration. Limit the amount of empty spaces during transport and develop packaging that reduces the chances of products getting damaged. This way, you lower the energy consumption, pollution and product loss during transport."

"Clearly communicate on the packaging how consumers should dispose the material. Correct waste sorting by consumers means that materials are easier recycled and reused. Tip: check out your county's policy for households."

Sustainability is an important topic at FleuraMetz and has our attention in multiple areas; one of these areas is packaging. Last May, our intern Dionne Rens (Sustainable Value Chains) researched the option for better alternatives. Part 6 of this blog series follows up the alternatives mentioned in the pilot and will contain extensive tests of the suggested alternatives.

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