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DIY | Special design with remarkable technique

This bouquet is specially created for an unusual type of consumer. These customers like to be surprised and just love special techniques. Do you possess such skills? Umami, the FlowerTales package which was specially designed for this target group, includes many shiny objects and extraordinary flowers and plants.

The target group, which loves these kind of shapes, flowers and colours, wants to look twice before understanding how the bouquet was made. Once they do, they're sold. For the frame of the bouquet, we used a weaving technique. Clever detail: the peacock feather ties the different green tones and the brown of the chicken wire together.

Floral designer Tiffany's step-by-step tutorial:

  • Hexanet 5cm 5cm brown
  • Bobble 8mm 15m green
  • Dianthus Barbatus Green Trick of Green Wicky (sweet william)
  • Chrysanthemum Code Green
  • Molucella Laevis
  • Peacock feathers

Step 1: 
Start with a piece of chicken wire, the brown variety in this case. Cut the chicken wire at the desired size.

Step 2: Weave the wool or rope through the chicken wire covering the surface.

Step 3: Now you can shape the wire into a circle and a half, as if the wire is embracing the bouquet.

Step 4: I started with the Santini and Dianthus to create a sturdy and voluminous base. Other products are also suitable to create the same effect of course. Then, I added the Molucella and the peacock feathers to make it more exciting.

Step 5: Tie the bouquet – posy style – with the same wool or rope that was used on the frame for a finished look. 

Wat vindt u van de creatie van Tiffany? Is dit een werkbare kleurencombinatie of kiest u voor een meer kleurrijk boeket?

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