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ONLINE TIP | How a hashtag strengthens your brand.

It’s commonly known that social media is an interesting tool to use to your company’s advantage. The posts, likes, shares and comments have become indispensable. However, did you also know that these online tools can complement your offline activities? Read the how-to in this blog.

There are many tips and information blogs available on how to use social media. In this blog, we want to specifically focus on the combination with a physical presentation, meeting or workshop. How can hashtags help you in 'real' life?

You create hashtag by putting a '#' in front of a word, name or concept, such as #fleurametz, in a message on social media. When you add this to a post, it becomes a key word for your message. When you search for #fleurametz on Facebook or Instagram, you will find all the messages that contain #fleurametz.

Start with giving shape to a good hashtag. This can be the name of your business, a short slogan or keyword. Something that suits your company, is easy to remember and simple to write. Have you thought of a hashtag? Let's get started.

The goal is to have your customers and/or followers share your event, designs or products with this hashtag. This way, they are not only spreading your work and brand, it also allows you to see what people have been sharing about you by searching on the hashtag.

You can promote your hashtag by making it visible at an event or incorporating it in promotional materials, such as flyers, business cards or webs
TIP: Linking a giveaway to an hashtag is a great way to promote it. Let people share their best photos of your event, design or product with the hashtag and reward the best post with a prize.

Are you following FleuraMetz on Facebook and Instagram? How lovely! We love seeing your designs, shop or event online. Tag* us in your posts or use the hashtag #fleurametz.

*By tagging us, you give us the authority to use that particular picture in our on and offline materials.


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