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GUEST BLOG | Floral Halloween festivities

The floral and plant creations featured in this edition all have an autumnal flair. Even better: in the last half of October things can start getting pretty scary ... this guest blogger can hardly wait! Florist and floral designer Bianca Vreugdenhil shares her love for Halloween with us and shows us how to turn horror into a happening.

'Halloween isn't scary for florists? Haha, it is here!' Bianca focuses on experience during the holiday season. 'I want to give my customers a unique experience. If you are planning to bring Halloween to your shop, pull out all the stops! This applies equally to all other holidays. People look at your shop with their mouths wide open, while that lovely orange bouquet gives them a warm feeling at the same time.'

According to Bianca there is no such thing as a typical Halloween flower, but you can produce just the right effect from just about anything. 'I see possibilities in everything around me. Autumn is one big harvest celebration. There are so many great products and materials. Just a little tweak here and there and you can give something a spooky twist.'

TIP: 'You can easily strengthen the bouquet with twigs on which you hang little bats, spider webs, ghosts and witches. Orange bouquets with a big black bow or decorated pumpkins are also a very popular item. I use a lot of oak leaf in my bouquets. I take the bottom part off, and allow it to dry. This can then be used for decorative twigs, or pimped-up pumpkins.'

'My tip for the shop floor: choose a theme. This year, I am opting for an elegant look. Lots of bright orange and shades of pink. There's no need to buy expensive decorations to dress your shop. After all, you are selling flowers. Put them in the spotlight! Put some long-stemmed roses in a big vase, set them wide apart and allow them to bloom. Hang a few little ghosts up above the vase, or spooky-looking wisps of toilet paper. This only takes a few minutes! After Halloween you can simply toss them out; no need to store them for a year. Florists are creative; show off your creativity!'

‘I always organize workshops for adults, as well as for children. I think it’s really important to kindle children’s enthusiasm for our profession. This way, you will instil a love for flowers in them. What’s really fun is painting pumpkins.’

‘During this workshop I dress myself in an appropriate costume, and take photos of my customers with the flowers and props. I just love it when these photos pop up on social media! One last tip: don’t make it too spooky; you don’t want to scare away your customers!’

Bianca does her shopping on the FleuraMetz web shop and is crazy about the roses and twigs featured here! If you want to see more of Bianca’s work, take a peek at her Facebook or Instagram account.

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