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GENERATION NEXT| Zooming in on buying behaviour

People aren’t just buying more for no reason. Firstly, the buyer must receive the right feeling from a brand. A good product and a fair price is obviously still important but experience is the key word here.

Consumers have become less predictable. Today, they are looking for a high-end bouquet or exclusive plant, tomorrow they are buying a good deal from a discount store or big box retailer. The same people want to be served with different products from different qualities at different times. It's therefore extremely important to be able to anticipate on the changeable buying behaviour of consumers or have an export partner that can help you with that. Source: RaboSearch, Volop kansen voor de NL sierteelt

Experience and movement, what is it to you as a florist? As a full-service partner, FleuraMetz stresses: everything. It's exactly in floristry that movement and experience are key. The dynamic of a good bouquets, the shape, look and growth of a flower or plant: they are littles stories, emotions and moments. And let those be the most favourite elements we like to share with each other.

We can make it possible together. Find your favourite varieties in the webshop or ask your salesperson for good alternatives in colour, shape or price.


Source: VGB segmentatietool. N= 11.53K

Want to read more similar interesting facts? Continue to read here in the FleuraMetz Magazine. Or would you like to read a hard copy? Drop in at a Cash & Carry near you or ask your salesperson which delivery will include the FleuraMetz Magazine.


GUEST BLOG | Floral Halloween festivities

The floral and plant creations featured in this edition all have an autumnal flair. Even better: in the last half of October things can start getting pretty scary ... this guest blogger can hardly wait! Florist and floral designer Bianca Vreugdenhil shares her love for Halloween with us and shows us how to turn horror into a happening.

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DIY | Corsage with elegant Charmelia

As you know, the every so charming Charmelia can be used in different styles and is suitable for bouquets as well as arrangements. How? Try it yourself with the following Step by Step! Why corsages are a bonus to florists? Read more below.

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