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GENERATION NEXT | Millennials spend the most on flowers & plants

You have probably already seen this in the latest issue of the FleuraMetz Magazine. It featured an interesting article about consumer behaviour and the spend on flowers and plants. Did you know that young adults spend more money than their older peers?

Across the world, there are over two billion Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000). They buy flowers and plants more often compared to five years ago. In addition, this target group has a higher average spend on cut flowers.

That's surprising! And there's more. With every visit, young adults in The UK spend an average of €11.10 on cut flowers. The elderly spend an average of €7.30 on flowers. Interestingly, with every purchase, men spend almost 4 euros more than women. The frequency of the purchases however, was a lot lower among men.

Source: VGB segmentatietool. N= 11.53K

Clever tips from the research, which you can use to your benefit. This new clientele...

  • finds convenience very important (packaging, care),
  • are receptive to experience (air-purifying, work environment, trends, decoration),
  • wants to have a wide freedom of choice (seasons, combinations, organic)
  • are comfortable with technological innovation (ordering, payment, bouquet and plant care).

More facts? Get your free copy at the Cash & Carry or ask your salesperson which delivery will include the Magazine. Or view the online Magazine here.

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