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INSPIRATION | An ode to winter

Michael Liebrich, the ‘Deutsche Meister der Floristen 2018’ (German Master Florist 2019) links the season of winter to silvery, white shades of green. In florieren! Magazine (Volume 12, 2018) he combines Hellebore, white Amaryllis and Protea with Eucalyptus, holm oak, thyme and greenery from the Cape Floristic Region. We will be showcasing two unique creations especially for you.

For the foundation, Liebrich used three pieces of Styrofoam: a hemisphere and two wreath shapes. The cotton was glued in place with a glue gun and staples for additional stability. In contrast to the foundation, Liebrich chose Prunus Spinoza, the impressive Protea and a few Eucalyptus twigs to create a sense of harmony between the white colour of the cotton and the steel blue of the berries.



Taking into consideration on the hues of the bowl by Mobach, the German Master created an upright floral arrangement on the basis of yellow twig dogwood. He added Amaryllis, Eucalyptus and Cape greenery, securing them with wire. The graphic expression is emphasised by the steelgrass. When the amaryllis flowers (this will take a few days) the floral arrangement will be shown off to its best advantage.


The series “Flower & Craftsmanship” is sponsored by FleuraMetz. The next item will be published in the March 2019 edition. ( florieren! Magazine)

Text: Edith Strupf, Photography: Peter J. Kierzkowski (

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