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Lilies: fragrant or odourless?

In our magazine we combined the known with the unknown, for which the lily appeared to be a perfect partner. Did you know that this stunning flower also has odourless variant, as well as one without pollen? This could make a big difference for your customers!

This colourful beauty is available in multiple variants: fragrant or odourless, without pollen, in pastel tints, and so on. Discover the varieties according to their individual characteristics and order the lilies you want directly from the web shop.

Some consumers prefer not to have lilies in their bouquets because of the fragrance, or the pollen. Fortunately, this stunning flower has a solution for this. There are odourless, fragrant and only slightly fragrant lilies. There are also varieties without pollen. Additionally, lilies come in bright colours or pastel tints. Ask your distributor about what's possible or find the varieties you want in the web shop.

  • Dynamix (red) lightly fragranced
  • Shine On, OR (yellow) fragrant
  • Forza Red (red) lightly fragranced
  • Pinnacle (pink) fragrant
  • Altarus (yellow) fragrant
  • Honesty (orange) lightly fragranced
  • Profundo (pink) fragrant
  • Maldano, OT (pink) fragrant

Lilies are traditionally included in floral arrangements for weddings and funerals. However, the lily is just as interesting in other settings. It is precisely the unexpected that draws the attention, and big contrasts work well. The lily is a flower that cannot be put in a box, figuratively speaking.

Have you experimented with the lily yet? For more inspiration, click here. Would you like to purchase lilies directly? Visit our web shop to see what we have in stock or call your sales representative for more information.

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