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Novelties, surprises or the must-haves of the week. Filter with Buy Smart to see which products suit your business and style.

Surprise - This category offers smart products to those who want to be ahead of their customers.   

PG Kaaps Groen Cone Mix/Bos

Lil.Secret Kiss (AZ)

Ilex Ilexia Julia


Arr. Hyacinthus drawers

Arr. Garden plants

Cymbidium Erthreaum

Homedeco Mikan bowl S/3 d45*21cm

Glass colour Rocky vase d16*24cm

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Essentials - This category shows you what you should be offering at this moment. The source? Global sales data that gives us insight in the current desires of consumers and customers.   


Cyclamen Picasso mix

Ceramics Pot Basic d11.5*9cm


Fresh flowers in Sale
Because of intensive cooperation with Preferred Suppliers and efficient logistics, FleuraMetz can deliver very fresh flowers and plants. Quality and consistency are important, and that is why FleuraMetz has a very strict stock policy.

Flowers that are labelled SALE are maximum 48 hours old. This means good, fresh stock at economic prices.



Your settings influence the visibility of the different category roles. If you receive an error message or do not see the required category, please contact your FleuraMetz contact person. More information about 'Buy Smart' categories available here. 


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