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Novelties FleuraMetz - new in our range

The following new products have been added to our range last week. If you are interested in one of these products feel free to inquire about availability and price with your salesperson. Please note that some items are only available in limited numbers and within a certain period of time.

Chrysanthemum Purple Star 

Gladiolus Impressive

Lilium Parrano

Rosa Amore Summerfield

Rosa Belamie Summerfield

 Guzmania Torch Whiteline


 Kalanchoë Wild Flower Desert Surprise

 Kalanchoë pinnata Zanzibar

 Kalanchoë Maxine







 Kalanchoë Dean

Glass Weckpot 5L, d09/17*27.5x6,

Bouquetholders Hatbox Marble S/3,
d20*20cmx18, White



Baskets WIllow Square, d23*15cmx8,





Preferred Supplier Fa. Freek van der Velden wows with gerbera plant

Year round supply, bright colours and available in different packaging, varieties and sizes. There is a gerbera plant by Preferred Supplier Fa. Freek van der Velden for every customer group. Browse through the web shop to see the complete selection or ask your sales person for more information.

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Time to enjoy the outdoor life!

Summer has finally arrived in Europe. This means: enjoying the outdoor life and bringing in the season’s finest fragrances and colour sensations inside. These handy tips will help you blend summer with fresh, happy bouquets.

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