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Preferred Supplier is the biggest sweet pea grower in the world. The little climber has an amazingly romantic look and a divine fragrance. Just perfect for wedding work!

Owner Rob Hoogeveen: “For most brides this is a much sought-after flower. It’s also great for event work, floral designers just love working with them. The pink and white varieties are often used in funeral work. Especially for FleuraMetz, we pack them in small boxes of 30 stems.” FleuraMetz buyer Piet Ravensbergen: “The packing happens at the very last minute, in the morning when the flowers are just cut. This means super fresh flowers, they’re the very best.”

Jarek Ewiak, business manager: “We have many different colours and in-between shades. Our growing method allows us to offer a year round production.” Normally, sweet peas are only available from March until July. However, this Preferred Supplier wanted to offer more to his customers. Rob: “We are quite experienced nowadays and are able to realise a 90% sustainable growing method.” Piet: “This Preferred Supplier thinks in solutions and about what is beneficial to customers. It’s such a pleasant relationship we have, we understand each other well.”

Jarek: “The strength of this little flower is the powerful combination of a delicate look and a divine fragrance. Many sweet pea growers grow them ‘on the side’ in summer’. We however, are dedicated to this product all year round. From seed to packing to transport, because we truly believe in it. That passion and intensity is reflected in every single flower.” He shows us several different colours. “The fact that it is a climber gives you pretty, differently shaped vines. It’s not a mass product and a feast to work with every single day.”

The three men discuss the changes in quantities next to a box with young, fresh cuttings. Jarek: “We offer traditional cups with 50 stems as well as boxes of 30 stems. We like to be committed and have found this transparency at FleuraMetz. Are there other requirements in colour or variety? Together we will find the optimal selection to serve different types of customers around the globe.”

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