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Exclusivity made easy

South African birds of paradise, also known as Strelitzia, has amazing bright colours and is your go-to flower for statement designs. Similar to Veronica and Bouvardia, the flower is also perfect in a supporting role without losing any of its exclusive appearance.

These three flowers deserve the spotlight. Their happy, fresh and colourful features lift every bouquet to a new level. But where to start with such a wide selection?

Preferred Supplier Holland Strelizia knows what good quality strelitzias need and gives us a tip on how to recognise them: “The two dark blue pistils. Foreign grown strelitzias often do not bear them. Only when both pistils are out, the flower is ready for cutting. Not a minute sooner!” Read more about this grower and his sustainable cultivation method.

Preferred Supplier Florius grows the most beautiful veronicas and shares their most valuable tip with us: “Veronicas can look a bit tired coming out of the wrapping. Give them a few hours to drink and they return to their sturdy, colourful self!” Watch their video on how to treat veronicas. 

Preferred Supplier Vreeken Bouvardia on the flower itself and why it is the perfect gift: “Every day you see a few of the beautiful, square buds come to flower until all the buds are in full bloom and you have the most amazing plant at home. It is the perfect gift for any occasion with an exceptional 14 day vase-life.” Discover them in our web shop!

Discover new possibilities with buy smart

As of 8 March, you are able to buy smart in our web shop and app. Selecting the new filters under 'Tags' means that you are buying smart; filtering products that are tailored to your requirements.

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Novelties FleuraMetz - new in our range

The following new products have been added to our range last week. If you are interested in one of these products feel free to inquire about availability and price with your salesperson. Please note that some items are only available in limited numbers and within a certain period of time.

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