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Gypsophila from Klaver Flowers comparable to South American offerings

Preferred Supplier Klaver Flowers has years of experience in growing lilies. One of their first lily greenhouses in Ethiopia however, turned out to have the ideal conditions for a completely different product: gypsophila. Gert-Jan Klaver and his sister Lydia were instantly on the ball. “We wanted to produce the same quality standard in gypsophila as we do in lilies.”

Perhaps you have seen the lilies from Klaver Lily before. Big, sturdy Orientals that are available in a consistent high quality standard throughout the year (read more here). These same growers are behind Klaver Flowers and produce high quality gypsophila. “We were able to test just how fertile the soil is for the past few years and how we can maintain its healthy condition.” says Gert-Jan.

They mainly produce Excellence and in a smaller yield Discovery. “The biggest benefit of these two varieties is that the stems do not tangle. They’re easier to work with than Million Stars for example.” Gert-Jan explains. He flies out to Ethiopia every five to six weeks to personally check on the crop and their development. Every change they make contributes to a more climate neutral operation, which is one of Preferred Supplier Klaver Flower’s corporate goals.

Lydia: “In Ethiopia, we make sure that every stem is weighed individually. Most growers weigh their gyp by the bunch running the risk of having two or three unusable stems among the rest of the branches. That’s not how we work. Every stem is weighed separately and therefore always up to bouquet standard.” And so the goal that was se out at the beginning of this venture, to become one of the top suppliers in the trade within one year, was achieved six months ahead of schedule. The gypsophila grower has truly earned his spot among our other trusted Preferred Suppliers.

FleuraMetz buyer Wilco van Termeij: “They’re a wonderful partner to work with. I don’t have to explain the importance of quality and high standards to them, it comes naturally.” The products of Preferred Supplier Klaver Flowers are similar to extra grade gypsophila from Ecuador. Gert-Jan: “That’s what we aim for yes, against competitive prices.”

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From bulb to flower in own management: Preferred Supplier Klaver Lily

Beautifully large Orientals, the only grower for Calvados, years of experience: Preferred Supplier Klaver Lily ticks all the boxes. Their Dutch facility is not their only branch. Lydia Klaver, Financial Director: “We also have bulbs planted in the fields of Bordeaux (FR) and New Zealand (NZ). The combination of these three locations allows us to supply a strong product all year round.”

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